Our Approach


Knowledge empowers. Our command of that knowledge, acquired through years of experience, allows us to not only apply innovative leading-edge solutions but also to provide our clients with personalized care and attention backed by the highest quality of professional services in the industry.

We can accompany you amongst many options, as you navigate these following steps: Strategic and/or operational planning; Project management; Global supply chain and logistics management; Traceability and customs impacts; Security and Compliance.

All our interventions meet management principles compliant to laws and regulations. Furthermore, it is most important for us to act as partners, in a dynamic cooperation with our clients, our primary associates.

We favorize a multi-disciplinary approach as it supports original, efficient and integrated solutions.

Our Structure

Relying successfully on our partnership approach and business structure, Vanasse & Associés ensures that their clients have access, through its partners, to specialized services in such field as but not limited to :

  • Canadian, US and European taxation and fiscal policies
  • Canadian, US and European immigration
  • National and international contracts
  • Intellectual property: Trademarks, designs and models, patents and copyright
  • Logistics

As a result, our clients benefit from the highest quality of professional services capable of delivering timely efficient solutions oriented on operational performance creating value-added impacting high return on investment.